How to Transfer Money from Astropay Card to Other Wallet

How to Transfer Money from Astropay Card to Other Wallet

If you are fond of playing pokies at online casinos in Australia, you probably already know there is a wide variety of money transfer methods available. Wire transfers from banks and credit cards are two typical instances.
Yet, it's important to keep in mind that there are other options available, including preloaded cards. The AstroPay gambling payment scheme may therefore be one that you are already familiar with.

What is Astropay?

To place funds into an active account, you may purchase a prepaid card called the AstroPay casino transaction method. This business, which was first established in 2009, primarily targets clients in Asia, Australia, and South America.

We should initially point out that this differs from conventional credit cards significantly. Customers must input their private details once making a transfer using credit cards or bank wires. Generally speaking, with respect to prepaid cards, this is not required.

How to Get AstroPay Card

You must adhere to the guidelines tailored to your nation in order to obtain a prepaid AstroPay Card. By accessing the "Purchase Now" option located under the "For You" tab and selecting Australia, you may view this by visiting the AstroPay online platform. You will receive an email including both your card information and CVV code. Make sure that you don't let this data be lost.

Transferring Money from Astropay Card to Other Digital Wallets

In 2022, Astropay launched its newest in-app feature called 'Transfer'. It enables Aussie users to transfer their funds from Astropay cards to their chosen digital wallets. To use this feature, an Australian player can do the following steps:

  1. On the AstroPay app, click the Payments Links button. A payment link can be made in a brief amount of time.
  2. Establish a new payment link in step two. Either make other payment URLs or use the same one again.
  3. Choose the money transfer sum and the currency. You will select a name for every link's identification.
  4. After that, you can use the link and share it wherever you like to transfer money to your preferred wallet.

Advantages of Astropay

  • Transfers are completed promptly when using AstroPay. Players are not supposed to queue up for transactions before they can start playing.
  • AstroPay uses powerful, end-to-end identity verification and encrypted communications to keep user data safe and confidential. The banking credentials are not required to be disclosed to outside entities.
  • Flexible — This simple mode of payment enables online transactions simpler than others. You might use A$ your native currency using the digital AstroPay voucher card.

Disadvantages of Astropay

  • AstroPay may well not be offered at your preferred online casino, despite the fact that the variety of gambling websites offering it is constantly expanding.
  • Players must first buy a virtual card in order to use the AstroPay card to transfer funds. To do this, they must create an AstroPay account.
  • Deposits are Instantaneous, however, withdrawals via AstroPay can require numerous business days for their processing.

After knowing what and how to use an Astropay card, you can now enjoy your favorite games at your chosen gambling site without the risk of your data getting stolen. Finally, ensure that you practice gambling in moderation to avoid addiction.

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