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Afterpay is a payment technology that has become popular in the travel, fashion and entertainment industries. Although not available at all vendors, it is also featured in some online casinos. It enables you to pay into your casino account to start playing, but only pay off the deposited amount in upcoming weeks.

- Play now, pay later in installments
- No fees or interest payable unless payments are late
- Popular in the online casino industry
- Payments due every 2 weeks

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About Afterpay

Afterpay is an Australian technology company and was launched in 2014. After mergers and acquisitions over the past few years, it’s owned by parent company Block, and reports revenue of over $900 million. It has reported having over 16 million users and is available in Australia as well as the UK, US, Canada and New Zealand.

It offers the BNPL (buy now, pay later) service, where Afterpay makes full payment to a vendor on your behalf. The first of 4 instalments is done immediately, and you then repay Afterpay in instalments over the course of 6 weeks. Initially, the company doesn’t charge anything apart from the advanced amount, but missed payments will accrue fees and interest. 

The company’s sources of income are these fees and interest payments, as well as merchant fees. Any vendor, such as an online casino, using the service will pay a percentage on each amount paid to their account. 

While Afterpay comes with many benefits, casinos and players should keep some risks in mind. For online platforms, it does come with risks of fraud and chargebacks. Players need to keep in mind how the “Play Now, Pay Later” option can affect their financial health. The service makes it easy to spend more on gambling activities than you usually would, and you run the risk of fees piling up if you can’t pay. So, it’s essential to implement responsible gambling practices.  

Best casinos you should try in February 2024

Finding casinos that accept Afterpay deposits today can be quite challenging. However, below is our recommended list of trustworthy casinos to ensure an enjoyable leisure experience.

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How to Use Afterpay

Make sure the casino you’re playing on does list Afterpay as a deposit option. Then follow these steps:

  1. Download the Afterpay app
  2. Open an account
  3. Go to the casino payments page
  4. Select Afterpay
  5. Type the amount you want to deposit, so the system can show you the amount you’ll be responsible for and what Afterpay will pay on your behalf
  6. Confirm if you’re comfortable with the suggested arrangement
  7. Make Afterpay repayments every 2 weeks

Note that this service is only relevant for deposits, not withdrawals. 

Afterpay - How it Works

Fees and Limits

A main attraction of Afterpay is that you don’t pay any additional fees for their BNPL service as long as you keep to repayment terms. Afterpay limits spending on how long you’ve used the service and your repayment history. Important numbers to remember:

  • New users' spending limit: Usually around $600, but it does vary between users based on factors like user location and credit history.
  • The first late fee is $10 for payments over $40. Maximum $7 additional fee if the account is still in arrears after another week. 
  • Total late fees cap: 25% of initial order.
  • Orders of under $40 have maximum late fees of $10

Late payments will result in Afterpay pausing your account, so you can’t use it for additional vendor payments. In general, repayment terms aren’t customisable, but the company does invite users to contact them if they can’t make a payment. You may be able to reschedule to avoid penalties. Of course, also check the online casino's policies, as they may establish minimum and maximum payment limits you need to adhere to.

Pros & Cons

  • Interest-free if you pay in 4 installments
  • Good customer service via support queries submitted online
  • User friendly
  • No transaction fee applies
  • Late payments aren’t automatically communicated to credit bureaus
  • Android and iOS apps available
  • Spending limits for new users
  • No withdrawals
  • Without proper budgeting, it can cause financial strain
  • Not yet available on all online casino platforms

Afterpay Casinos FAQ

No, you can’t withdraw funds with Afterpay. This is exclusively used for payments, which in the gaming industry means you can make deposits but not receive your winnings via the service.
Yes, Afterpay is one of the methods you can use to “Play Now, Pay Later” when using online casinos. You can use the service to transfer funds to a casino, even if you don’t have the full amount of cash yet. Then, simply repay this third-party entity, Afterpay, in multiple instalments.
Yes, with many casinos you can use Afterpay for playing online pokies. However, the availability depends on the casino platform and its region’s regulations. When available for pokies, you can simply top up your player account and use those funds to play pokies and other casino games.