About Us

Hi and welcome to BetPokies. If you're reading this now, it means you want to get to know us a little better. Well, it's a pleasure to get in touch with you! We know you're looking for reliable and trustworthy information on gambling in Australia, and we're here to help. We're still a small team of just a few people now, but we're really committed to what we do and what we're good at. Why you should listen to our opinion and whether we are trustworthy, we will give some arguments and talking points below.

Our Mission

We aim to create the only one Trusted Online Guide to Australian Casino and Sports Betting Sites and thus, provide you with reliable and trustworthy information about gambling and online casinos. We know how addictive gambling can be, so we advocate safe gambling and only at licensed online casinos that deal fairly with their customers and value their reputations.

What We Do

While making market research and finding Australian casino brands first what we do it’s an in-depth review of each brand. Not all brands can be shortlisted. As for old brands it is easier to prove their reliability as they have researchable history. New brands require more attention, and it is difficult for inexperienced players to keep track of all the details. Given our experience, we scrutinise how safe and trustworthy online casinos are. Needless to say, we consider licensed brands only, and it takes us 8 – 12 hours to check one brand, including creating a comprehensive review.

How We Rate Casinos

Although we have used the word “rate”, we don’t like to say about making rantings. Yes, we can take the courage of drawing your attention to a few brands that we think are hot and that we can recommend. At the same time, we do give a grade, but this is not a rating in the usual sense, but a score relative to the ideal virtual brand in our opinion. So, it is almost impossible to get a 5-star rating. What is important to us is the principle that we review, but you rate. Therefore, our score considers not only our checking for licensing, quality of providers and payment systems, but also your experience with a particular brand.

What is Our Background and Why Should You Trust Us?

The first version of BetPokies.com was launched in 2020. But that doesn't mean that our history is only a few years old. Before that, every member of our team had experience working directly in the industry plus the people, who are directly involved in writing the reviews, had also played online casinos and still do. Yes, we do enjoy gambling. But we also want you to treat it as a way of having a good time, not as a source of finances. And our goal is to ensure that you have as safe a leisure gaming experience as possible.

Do we have a financial interest? Yes, BetPokies is an affiliate site, and this means that if you sign up for the casino using our link, we will get a definite percentage of the cash you spend. But we never get paid for manipulating brand information or making rates higher. So it doesn’t affect our reviews. Also, we do not place a large number of all possible brands, but only the ones that we think are worth your attention.

How We Earn

As we mentioned above, BetPokies is an affiliate site. This means that we help online casinos gain visibility in exchange for a commission on any players spending real money at online casino. This practice is also common in real-world sectors such as banking or cosmetics. You have probably also come across similar programs such as Refer a Friend. It is unlikely that you would advise your friend anything suspicious or of poor quality. So wouldn’t we. There are now thousands of casinos online. Of these, there are really safe and worthy ones to choose from that can be recommended to our readers.

Do we get paid hosting offers from brands? Of course, but this will not affect the results of our review in any way. We care about our reputation and are always in favour of fair and transparent cooperation.