Blacklist Casinos

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Beware of blacklisted casinos: they harm players by delaying payouts, using fake software and misleading bonuses. These fraudulent institutions have no licenses and can sell personal information to third parties. By signing up there, you run the risk of losing money and banking information. Pay attention to suspiciously tempting and good terms, and unresponsive customer support to avoid a sad gambling experience.

- No license from a legal authority
- Unclear terms and too tempting offers
- Risk of losing everything
- Complicated withdrawal procedures

List of Sites to Avoid

Our list of casinos to steer clear of currently features the top 5 offenders. While there may be other dishonest online casino out there, we intend to vet them to confirm their unsavory reputations before adding them to our ever-growing roster.

Casino Name Reported Problems Detail
32Red Casino Non Payment There are complaints that this particular casino delays or fails to pay out players' money. It happens that a dishonest casino may falsely accuse the player to avoid payment and stall, hoping to discourage them from cashing out.
Atlantic Vegas Casino License problems The former Atlantic Vegas Casino engaged in deception by making false assertions about its licensing status. Specifically, it claimed to hold a full license from a prominent international gambling association, but this assertion was not valid. The truth came to light when the casino allowed players from areas outside the boundaries of its supposed license to participate, which ultimately led to the casino's permanent closure.
Carnival Casino Deceptive Bonuses The modus operandi of this particular casino involves attracting potential players with promises of sizable bonuses. However, the complex and frequently altering terms and conditions make it an arduous task to obtain the coveted rewards.
Manhattan Slots Casino Unreliable Customer Support The support staff at this online casino is notably tardy in their replies, or worse, unresponsive altogether. In instances where contact was established, the conduct of the support team was unprofessional, and they proved unable to provide solutions to issues raised by custom.
Madame Chance Casino History of Complaints Long unresolved complaints from users, bad user feedback on forums. Fitback is important, there will always be someone who is unhappy, but negative feedback should definitely not make up the majority.

Reasons Why We Blacklist Online Casinos

Although there is no universal way of blacklisting online casinos, we undertake our research to recommend platforms or caution players against scammers. Here are the reasons why we blacklist online casinos.

Licensing & Regulation

Casinos may claim to be licensed but do not have permits to operate in a particular region. Still, some may have a license from countries without strict legislation, and the platforms are not accountable to any authority. Online casino licensing shows the legitimacy of the service provider, and it helps with player safety.


If an unlicensed gaming site does not pay winnings, players have nowhere to report if a casino operates under no regulating authority.

Rigged or Hacked Software

Reputable casinos use systems and games from legitimate software developers with a proven track record. However, shoddy gaming platforms mess with the algorithms to give the casino an unfair advantage. We consider any malpractices and warn players of casinos with suspicions of rigged or hacked software.

Check for licensing number and regulating authority's logo at the bottom of the website to determine a site's legitimacy. Licensed casinos follow the industry requirement.

Payment Issues

Instances when casinos can deny a payment are if players do not attain wagering requirements for bonuses or cheats. Some platforms use the reasons to limit users from getting a payout without having evidence of the wrongdoings.

Another payment issue leading to blacklisting casinos is delayed payouts. Typically, it should take 1 week utmost to get a payout on any payment method. Still, it may take rogue platforms months to complete, pay partially, or not at all.

Misleading Bonuses

Online casinos target new users with attractive packages and promotions. Avoid platforms with misleading bonuses, withdrawal limits, and offers they will not fulfill. It is upsetting to join a casino for its bonuses but find out it is not true as you continue playing.

Blacklist casinos limit jackpot games access when using bonuses and claim to offer 50x or 100x in rewards on the wagering amount but do not honor the terms.

Selling Player's Information

Your personal and banking information should be secure when playing at a casino. However, rogue service providers sell players' information to third parties. The criminals might steal your identity to commit crimes or use the data to access your bank account.


Since you will transact money playing casino games online, the best site should have advanced security features (SSL encryption and the presence of https at the beginning of the URL, firewalls). Any platform that does not protect user data is not worth recommending to players.

Rigged "Randomness"

Our team seeks proof of game legitimacy rather than relying on an online casino's word. It is an industry-standard for casinos to use a random number generator to ensure no game rigging. After several years, we would like proof of independent audits for system accuracy and legitimacy.

Rigged or hacked software gives the casino a significant advantage over users. Players do not get a fair chance of winning.

Changing Terms and Conditions Without Notice

Although it is common for casinos to update their terms and conditions, they should not alter the agreement without notice. When a platform continuously makes significant changes to the document, it should be a warning sign.


Although most players do not read the T&Cs when registering on a platform, you must know when casino policies change. It is essential to understand what you agree to. Casinos may amend the terms to support their actions whenever they are wrong.

How to Avoid Online Casino Scams

The gambling industry is highly competitive, with legitimate and illegitimate players pursuing the same market. Here is how you can avoid online casino scams:

  • Be aware of the most common online casino scams to avoid falling prey. Check out the reasons we blacklist casinos.
  • Ensure an online casino has a valid operating license. You should see its permit number or regulator at the website's bottom part.
  • Evaluate the available security features. A casino with SSL certification will have its URL address start with HTTPS.
  • Learn more about an online casino on review sites to know what people say about a platform and the risks.
  • Choose a secure payment method. Always transact with regulated financial institutions and discreet platforms.
  • Research a casino's bonus package and promotions before signing up.

Can a Site Move Off The Blacklist?

Casinos rarely move off the blacklist. A few that did manage were due to acquisition by established brands or new ownership. In most cases, sites do not get off the blacklist. The consideration is similar to justice system practice, where some offenses may be smaller than others and have lesser implications

Let us look at it this way: Most of the reasons we blacklist casinos revolve around their legitimacy and regulation. Their fate is sealed if a site scams users or engages in fraudulent activities. However, platforms can get exemptions for minor issues like a history of complaints, false advertisements, or change terms without notice.

Through investigations, we can establish if blacklist casinos fixed issues like slow payments and poor support to move them off the list. Sometimes it is unintentional, and we cut them some slack.

Tips For Safe Gambling Online

Here are ways to stay safe gambling online:

Choose Only Licensed Gambling Sites

Licensed platforms attain safety and security standards for online gambling, being under a regulating authority, players can report malpractices. Legitimate and illegitimate sites have similar game collections but differ in policies and payment methods.

Use Unique Passwords

Players must safeguard their accounts from access by using unique passwords. Including numbers, special characters, and capitalization will help make it unpredictable for cybercriminals. For ultimate security, use two-factor authentication for casino account log-ins, which requires you to have your phone.

Never Share your Personal Information

It would be best not to trust anyone with your casino account or have them transact using it. Online casinos include it in their terms and conditions. If players violate the provision, a platform can confiscate their funds or ban their accounts.

Don't Click on Fishy Links in Your E-mail

Cybercriminals hack into online databases, stealing internet users' information and making them targets of online scams. Getting an e-mail with fishy links is expected; you must not click if unsure. It is a strategy to gain access to your PC or device to steal information and install malware.

Read the TOS

Most players agree to casinos' terms of service without reading its provisions. Although gaming platforms do not trick users into a bad agreement, it is necessary to read the document to know what to expect before signing up.

Trusted Online Casinos

After discussing bad casinos, how to protect yourself, and how to identify them, it is important to note that there are still reputable casinos available in the gambling industry. The gambling industry is vast, and we’ve compiled a list of reliable and trusted casinos.

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This guide is a collection of casinos that you should stay away from. One of the main reasons these casinos are blacklisted is the lack of proper licensing and regulation, which compromises your safety. Payment problems, including denials and delays in payments, are another worrying sign that is grounds for blacklisting casinos. Misleading bonuses and withdrawal limits should also be a cause for concern, as they often entice players but limit their ability to cash out their winnings. Remember that casinos that are not legally licensed, with unclear terms and conditions and overly tempting offers pose a high risk of losing everything. Be vigilant and refer to the guide I compiled based on my research to ensure a safe and enjoyable online gambling experience.