How Does the CashtoCode eVoucher Work?

How Does the CashtoCode eVoucher Work?

CashtoCode is an electronic voucher with a 20-digit code that allows you to make payments without entering your personal or bank account information. It adheres to the European General Data Protection Regulation and secures all connections with VPN and 256-bit SSL encryption for user data security.

The voucher acts as a prepaid card available for purchase at accredited stores; with it, you can make free transactions instantly at thousands of partner websites, including funding your online casino account or paying for goods and services.

CashtoCode was launched in 2016 by Funanga AG. The company partnered with Epay Australia in 2021, and CashtoCode vouchers are currently available in over 2,000 Australian retail locations.

How to Use the CashtoCode eVoucher for Payments?

The process is simple and involves three main steps; let's go through them.

  • Visit their official website and use the outlet locator tool to find stores close to you. Input your address and location; the tool automatically shows you the nearest outlet stores. To buy a voucher, visit an authorized reseller. 
  • After a complete purchase, you get a 20-digit code and receipt. Visit the merchant's site where you would like to make payments. Select CashtoCode eVoucher as your preferred payment method and enter the 20-digit PIN on your voucher. 
  • Once you authorize the payment, the transaction is approved instantly, and the payment amount deducts from your CashtoCode balance. If you use CashtoCode eVoucher to deposit at your online casino, the money should immediately appear in your casino balance.

Depositing at Online Casinos with CashToCode

Choose the casino you want to play at, and once you have registered, follow these steps.

  1. Go to the banking page of your chosen online casino
  2. Select CashtoCode as the deposit option
  3. Follow the page's instructions to create a barcode
  4. Visit the nearest outlet and buy a voucher
  5. Scan the barcode to complete the payment

Factors to Consider Using eVoucher by CashtoCode in Online Casino

When considering using eVouchers by CashtoCode for online casinos, there are several factors to remember:

  • CashtoCode eVoucher Currencies. CashtoCode eVouchers, offered in multiple currencies, can be used on entertainment and gaming sites, possibly avoiding currency conversion fees.
  • CashtoCode eVoucher Limits. CashtoCode eVouchers come in denominations of AU$10, AU$25, AU$50, AU$100, AU$200, and AU$400. Each voucher can be redeemed once, but you can buy and use as many as needed without restrictions.
  • Online Casino's Terms and Conditions. Review terms and conditions to know if there is anything to watch out for when using CashtoCode eVouchers for payments.
  • Processing Time. Payments via eVoucher by CashtoCode are processed instantly, meaning that money immediately appears in your account when you use this option to fund your casino account.
  • Availability. There aren't many casinos that offer CashtoCode as a payment option.
  • Withdrawals. It is impossible to withdraw using CashtoCode as it is a non-reloadable voucher. You will have to choose a different option when trying to withdraw.
  • Validity Period. CashtoCode payments last only seven days once generated.
  • Purchasing Time. You may spend a lot of time traveling to purchase your voucher, especially if it is a long distance.
  • Transaction Fees. There are no fees when using CashtoCode; the operator takes care of the payment cost.

CashtoCode eVoucher is a payment option for those who prefer to keep their personal or bank account information private when making payments. The purchase process involves finding an authorized reseller and obtaining a 20-digit code you later provide at online casinos to make deposits. Based on our observations, several factors are worth considering when using CashtoCode for gambling, including the absence of a withdrawal option, limited deposit amounts, validity period, etc.

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