How New Payment Platform Boosts Online Gambling in Australia

How New Payment Platform Boosts Online Gambling in Australia

NPP is a brand-new payment method available in Australia for online transactions. The service is available for shoppers and gamblers to use for digital payments. The new platform facilitates the nearly instantaneous transfer of funds between individuals, utilizing email addresses or phone numbers instead of the conventional BSB or account number method.
Read on to learn more about the platform, its features, and how it functions.

What is NPP?

The New Payments Platform is a centralized system that collaborates with various financial institutions in Australia, making it possible to send and receive funds in real time

Launched in 2018, the New Payments Platform (NPP) offers improved payment experiences like near real-time settlement (24/7), PayID identifiers, and comprehensive payment information. 

Operated by NPP Australia Limited, it has an infrastructure layer and a user experience layer called overlay services. The NPP implementation features the Fast Settlement Service (FSS) on RITS for real-time bank settlements, and the first overlay service, Osko by BPAY, enables 24/7 funds transfers between NPP participants.

How NPP Works

To use the new payment platform (NPP), you must have an account with a banking institution offering the payment option. Users can transfer money to account numbers or use other identifiers like BSB.

NPP does not have limits, but your financial service provider may restrict the transaction amount.

NPP allows payments only in Australia, but there are plans for the company to provide international money transfers. Your financial institution will set the transaction fees depending on the products and services.

The initial pair of services launched on the NPP include Osko, which enables near-instantaneous payments, and PayID, a user-friendly identifier (like a mobile number) that connects to your account.

How NPP Relates to PayID

Thankfully, the implementation of the NPP brought with it a more user-friendly, straightforward way of identifying yourself. It enables you to use your email or phone number as a different sort of identification.

Transferring funds is possible without having a recipient's account number while connecting an identifiable bank account to receive payments. It simplifies the process of digital money transfers.

The payment platform will display the recipient's name according to the identifier to help you confirm their identity, and brands can register different names to make it easy for customers to make payments.

Also, it allows you to confirm the recipient's name by showing it when paying using the option, lowering the chances of sending money to the wrong account.

NPP has features that allow PayID transfer between banking institutions without affecting users. The service is accessible on computers or mobile devices, and users modify the identifiers from your financial service provider's end. Users can stop payments into their accounts without closing their banking accounts.

NPP Payment in Australian Online Casinos

Fourteen renowned Australian financial services firms collaborate to design the NPP, demonstrating that online safety isn't a concern. They supervise and support the payment platform while operating under the Reserve Bank of Australia making NPP secure for online gambling.

Casino players can instantly deposit their gaming accounts from supported financial service providers. The service is available 24/7/365.

Fast Settlement Service facilitates NPP transactions, thus reducing the processing time to access the money you deposit or withdraw from Australian online casinos.

Gamblers can be discreet by using other identifiers NNP provides besides their banking details. Still, it can be challenging to remember the account number and the New Payment Platform provides simpler identifiers to use for casino payout.

Other Features for Aussie Players

Osko is the service enabling casino players to make near real-time digital transactions and is available in most Australian banks. Regardless of the time or day of the week, users can transfer money between supported platforms in seconds.

Osko, a payment service owned by BPAY, enables the instant sending and receiving of payments. PayID, on the other hand, serves as an identifier for your bank account, allowing you to transfer or receive funds from any of the New Payments Platform's (NPP) partners, including online casinos in Australia. In essence, PayID functions as an access key to your bank account, while Osko facilitates the transactions.


In conclusion, while the New Payment Platform (NPP) aims to offer a solution for online transactions, including online gambling, in Australia, it may not be an ideal option for everyone. Despite its fast, secure, and user-friendly payment system, some users might still prefer traditional methods for digital money transfers.

Although NPP is supported by major Australian financial institutions and operates under the Reserve Bank of Australia, it is important for users to take necessary security precautions, such as using strong passwords and enabling multi-factor authentication when available. Additionally, those who wish to remain anonymous when making payments, including at online casinos, all the perks might not be enough to convince all Australian consumers to adopt this new payment method.

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