How Do Casino Vouchers Work?

How Do Casino Vouchers Work?

Functioning like virtual prepaid cards, vouchers facilitate transactions without the need for cash or digital payment methods. One obtains a voucher, pre-loaded with funds, either online or at selected locations. It's typically used for one-time transactions. Some payment systems offer vouchers for online payments, including online casinos.

Vouchers in Online Casinos

There are also vouchers that the casinos themselves provide, but they are quite rare. Online casino vouchers enable players to transfer money from their gaming account to another player. Utilizing the voucher feature, players can either send funds to a friend for them to participate in games or receive a voucher themselves to boost an account balance.

Regrettably, advertised bonuses and promotions typically do not apply to deposits made using vouchers, unless explicitly stated otherwise in the terms of use.

How to Purchase Casino Voucher?

To use a voucher, players buy it with their Visa or MasterCard, or for cash. They then enter the unique PIN associated with their voucher. The value of the voucher is instantly transferred to the player's casino account.

Vouchers are most often disposable and should be treated like cash. Users must ensure they keep their voucher PIN private, as stolen or lost vouchers are typically not refundable or replaceable. Using vouchers also aids in managing spending and adhering to a gambling budget.

How to Use Vouchers as Deposit Method in Online Casinos?

Using vouchers as a deposit method in online casinos is a straightforward process.

  1. Purchase a voucher, then register or log into an online casino. 
  2. Go to the 'Banking' or 'Deposit' section of the casino website.
  3. Choose 'Voucher' or the specific voucher brand as your deposit method.
  4. Input the unique PIN from your voucher and specify the deposit amount. It should not exceed the value of the voucher.
  5. Click 'Deposit' or 'Confirm'. The funds are instantly transferred to your casino account, ready for use.
  6. You can now play, keeping track of your spending via the voucher system.

Withdrawing via Voucher in Online Casinos

It's important to check the available withdrawal methods at online casinos before depositing funds to make sure you can easily withdraw your winnings because vouchers are rarely used as a withdrawal method. 

Withdrawing your winnings via a voucher involves these steps:

  1. Head to the online casino's 'Withdrawal' or 'Cashier' section and select 'Voucher'.
  2. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, adhering to the casino's withdrawal limits. The limits should be checked in the terms and conditions of the casino itself.
  3. Confirm the transaction. A unique voucher with the specified amount will be generated.
  4. The voucher details, including the unique PIN, are then sent to your registered email or displayed on the screen. Note down the details securely.
  5. The voucher can be withdrawn to an e-wallet. Or sent to your friend within that casino.  

Voucher Payment Methods at Online Casinos

While many types of vouchers are available, we've selected and focused on those most commonly used in the online gaming industry.


ecoVoucher, linked to ecoPayz, allows instant transactions in online casinos via an 18-digit PIN purchased at affiliated stores. Its restrictions include a AU$150 limit per voucher, users can use one voucher per transaction. For higher transactions, ecoVoucher suggests using Payz (ex-ecoPayz). ecoVoucher can't facilitate casino withdrawals.

  • Does not charge a fee for use
  • Doesn't support the Australian dollar


This prepaid voucher is available with no need for a bank account and allows users to top up existing online accounts by entering a unique 16-digit PIN. The winnings can’t be withdrawn onto a Flexepin voucher. It has a one-year validity from the purchase date. While using Flexepin at most online casinos incurs no transfer fees, minor costs may apply when buying a voucher.

  • Indefinite, can be used at any time after purchase
  • A few months after purchase, the voucher starts to be charged a monthly fee


AstroPay prepaid card is a virtual voucher with no additional fees. The prepaid card is available for A$10 to A$1,000 and comes with a 16-digit card number, expiration date and a 4-digit CVV code. The AstroPay card has a validity period of 1 year from the date of purchase, and it cannot be reloaded with funds.

  • The card can be returned within 30 days of purchase
  • Not all online casinos use AstroPay prepaid cards for withdrawals


This prepaid online payment method is based on 16-digit PIN vouchers, regardless of bank account, credit card or other personal information, purchased from stores or online. Paysafecard levies a A$3 monthly fee for inactive vouchers and A$5 for inactive accounts, which can be avoided by spending the voucher within two months and logging in to perform a transaction on your myPaysafe account every 12 months.

  • Instant deposits with no fees
  • No withdrawal option for vouchers, but it is possible to open a Paysafecard card for this purpose or use myPaysafe account


CashtoCode is a payment method that allows you to instantly pay online with cash. It's an anonymous method as it doesn't require to have an account. Purchase a voucher with a 20-digit code and then enter that code to deposit in an online casino. Vouchers come in amounts from AU$10 to AU$400.

  • Casino deposits are fee-free
  • No withdrawal option

Based on our practical knowledge, casino vouchers serve as an accessible and often fee-free method for depositing funds into online casino accounts. These prepaid vouchers, purchased via various means such as credit cards or cash, offer users the ability to control their spending and maintain privacy during transactions. 

However, they are generally designed for single use and offer limited options for withdrawals, with some exceptions. 

Furthermore, vouchers may carry minor purchase costs and maintenance fees if left inactive for an extended period. Not all online casinos accept all types of vouchers, and bonus offers may not always apply when depositing funds via vouchers. Therefore, users must carefully consider their specific needs and circumstances before choosing to use vouchers for online casino transactions.

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