Do Casinos Report Winnings in Australia?

Do Casinos Report Winnings in Australia?

It's essential to understand the reporting requirements and tax implications regarding gambling and winnings at Aussie casinos. This article aims to provide a concise overview of the key aspects of casino winnings reporting and taxation in Australia.

Cases in Which Casino Can Report Your Winnings

Casinos in AU are obligated to report certain winnings to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) under specific circumstances. These include jackpot wins exceeding a certain threshold, wins from gambling activities conducted in a professional or business-like manner, and suspicious transactions that may indicate money laundering or illegal activities.

What Are the Taxes on Online Casino Winnings

Under Australian tax laws, gambling winnings, including those from online casinos, are generally not considered taxable income. Nevertheless, certain states and territories enforce taxes on the revenue generated by casinos. These taxes are subsequently transferred to the players through a "gaming tax" or "casino levy" mechanism.

Gambling Taxes When Playing at Offshore Casinos (Casinos Without a License in Australia)

Usually, most offshore casinos are not legally bound to report or withhold taxes on winnings for Aussie residents. However, when playing at offshore casinos without an Australian license, it's essential to understand the potential tax implications. If you play at the best payout casino, win a substantial amount, and wonder if it is taxable, the general principle is that Australian residents are required to report all worldwide income to the ATO, including gambling winnings. Nevertheless, the tax liability may vary depending on the specific circumstances and any applicable tax treaties between Australia and the offshore jurisdiction.

How Do I File Tax on Gambling Winning?

To file taxes on gambling winnings in Australia, individuals need to include their gambling income in their annual tax returns. Here are the steps to file taxes on gambling winnings:

  1. Keep detailed records of your gambling activities, including dates, locations, amounts won or lost, and any supporting documentation such as receipts, statements, or wagering logs. 
  2. Complete the Tax Return Process: Include your gambling income in the appropriate section of your annual tax return.
  3. Calculate Net Winnings: Calculate your net gambling winnings by deducting any allowable losses from your total gambling income. 
  4. Report as Individual or Professional: If you engage in gambling as a profession, you may have to register for an Australian Business Number (ABN) and report your gambling income as business income.
  5. If you have complex gambling income or are unsure about the tax implications, consider consulting a tax professional specializing in gambling taxation. 
  6. Lodge your completed tax return electronically through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) online portal or by mailing a paper copy in due time to avoid penalties. 

What to Do If I Don’t Pay Gambling Taxes

Failing to pay taxes on gambling winnings can result in penalties and legal consequences. The ATO has measures in place, like tax audits, to identify individuals who are not complying with their tax obligations. If you have overlooked reporting your gambling income in the past, it is recommended to rectify the situation by disclosing the income and paying any taxes owed to the ATO.


From our research, Australian casinos report winnings to the ATO in specific cases like high jackpot wins, professional gambling, and suspicious transactions. While online casino winnings are usually tax-free, compliance with ATO regulations is essential. Non-payment of gambling taxes may lead to penalties. It is vital to consult professionals for accurate reporting and guidance on tax matters.

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