Tips on How to Verify Your STICPAY Account for Gambling

Tips on How to Verify Your STICPAY Account for Gambling

STICPAY is an international e-wallet service that enables people to perform online transactions. It's also an acceptable payment option in online casinos and gambling platforms.

Read on to discover more about account verification on STICPAY.

How to Verify Your STICPAY Account

Account opening on the STICPAY platform isn't enough to start performing transactions in online casinos without limits. You must undergo an account verification phase by providing two major proofs: "Proof of Address" and "Proof of Legal Existence."

Acceptable proof of address are:

  • personal bank statement
  • utility bill

Mobile phone bills or group-owned bills are not allowed.

Acceptable proof of legal existence are:

  • national identification card
  • passport
  • driving license

Tax or company identification cards are not acceptable.

Attention! Follow these requirements:

- The document scan should be clear and complete.
- The name on your STICPAY registration and ID should match.

- Utility bills should display service details, bank statements should show transaction history and an issue date (not period) within the last 3 months.

How to Upload Your "Proof of Address"

The first step is to log into the STICPAY account. Navigate to the “Documents” tab and click on “Account.” Provide all necessary information at this point, then click on 'Proof of Address.' Follow these guidelines to complete the upload.

  1. Select the browse option to choose a file from your device.
  2. Use a phone or scanner to snap your personal bank statement or utility bill. These are the acceptable documents in this regard. 
  3. Ensure that the camera or scanner is very clear and covers all parts of the chosen statement or bill. Besides, the proof must contain your full name as stated during the account registration. Any discrepancy would lead to outright rejection. 
  4. The bill must vividly state its purpose and charges, while the bank statement must have a vivid transaction history.
  5. The address on your proof must correspond with the one you submitted during your account registration. Any alteration or discrepancy will lead to delayed or unsuccessful verification.

This proof can be your national identification card, passport, or driving license. Ensure that you snap or scan both pages of the proof you choose. The following guidelines will help you complete the upload.

  1. Click on  “Proof of Legal Existence” on your login page. Provide the necessary information as seen on the screen, then click on the browse option. At this point, you can select your preferred documents for upload.
  2. Ensure the document you wish to present is clearly scanned and shows your name and date of birth as provided during your account registration.

How Long Will the STICPAY Account  Verification Take?

As soon as you upload both documents, they'll go through some review, and during this time, your verification status will be “pending.” The process typically takes about 24 hours before you get a confirmation.

Besides, depending on the status of the uploaded documents, the administrators might demand more proof, like special identity cards. This is usually requested and submitted through email. If the documents are authentic and approved, the verification is successful.


A successful verification enables you to send and receive funds from any part of the world. It also enables you to use STICPAY at designated online casinos and other web-based platforms. A notification of unsuccessful verification means that your documents are either falsified or you've uploaded unacceptable proof.

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