How to Win at Pokies

How to Win at Pokies

For some, gambling is simply a pastime or a hobby. At the same time, admit it, the hope for big winnings does not leave you. If playing card games, you can rely on your ability to calculate combinations or use a particular strategy. In most cases, playing online games is like pushing your luck.

Is there a strategy that will at least save you from losses, not speaking about 100% winning guarantee? Yes, if there were a strategy to win every time, most casinos would be bankrupt by now. But that doesn't mean you're always doomed to lose.

We have analysed plenty of tips from experienced gamblers and compiled a simple list of how-to's that will ensure you not to lose at slot machines often.

Some of these tips may seem trite, but that is the reason why players don't follow them (especially beginners). Some of these tips can be very useful even to experienced punters.

Choose your slots carefully

The payout percentage is actually what draws many gamblers to an online casino. The payout percentages are higher than in land-based casinos. As you might guess, the higher the payout the better your chances of big wins are. Good payouts provide slot machines with payout percentage around 97-98%.

Experienced players say that trying your luck with the machines, which have a payout percentage of less than 93%, just does not make sense.

Think ahead about withdrawals

We all play to win, don't we? So, when choosing an online casino, think about what you are going to do with the money you win. No, it is not about how you spend the money. That's for later. First, you will need to get your winnings out of the online casino.

Before you start gambling, find out what withdrawal methods are available and if they work in your country. It would be foolish to "hit" a big score and then not be able to withdraw it.

A recent trend is to use cryptocurrencies. They allow you not to be tied to your location. And payouts in cryptocurrency

Get Bonuses

Agree, it is silly to turn down money that just comes in handy. The sign-up bonus is a nice gift. You were signing up to play anyway, weren't you? So why not also get some start funds.

On the other hand, too big bonuses are used by unscrupulous online casinos to attract visitors. So, before you choose a casino, read the reviews and doublecheck terms and conditions. Still, good bonuses are common practice for online casinos.

Control your finances

This is the obvious advice, but just that few people follow it. In any online casino game, you need to clearly control your finances. You should determine in advance how much you are willing to lose and not continue playing after it happens.

Similarly, you should decide for yourself that after winning a certain amount, you immediately stop playing. There could

Do not try to cheat

If you regularly turn your luck away, you may involuntarily think about cheating the casino. It`s better to take a break and try your luck another day. No matter what you do to a pokie machine, you cannot change what it is programmed to do.

There are plenty of sites on the Internet that will offer you "magic" ways to guarantee you can beat the slots. But this is likely to be a bait to either get personal information from you or else trick you in some other way.

Develop your analytics

There is no maths that will enable you to win at online casinos. But that does not mean at all that there is no winning strategy.

Read the forums and blogs of experienced players. They often share game strategies, the essence of which is some sort of order of size betting. The game becomes more structured, and losses are minimized.

Have fun

So, you can't beat a casino. And you are more likely to lose than win. But if you follow the advice above, you will not lose much.

So, there is still the most important tip — try to have fun playing the game. This will be your biggest winnings in slots. Accept the fact that pokie is a game of chance, in which you personally have little to do. Relax and have fun.

John Gold

John Gold


Starting as a typical gambler, I was interested in how the industry works. And now, for more than 10 years, I see myself as a gambling expert. After trying out more than 500 pokies, I'm ready to share my insights and tell you what you need to look at to get a good gaming experience.