Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing Online Casinos

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing Online Casinos

It has not been long since the first online casino was introduced by Microgaming. However, as more and more new casinos emerge, new technologies are also being introduced. Already, artificial intelligence is helping to better serve users, as well as combat gambling addiction and fraud.

Why do online casinos need Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a set of computer algorithms that can process and analyse large amounts of information, make predictions, and even make decisions inherent to the human brain.

Online gambling uses machine learning to analyse user behaviour. This helps to both identify needs, wants and to a certain extent predict player behaviour. In fact, artificial intelligence in casinos online plays the same role as the service staff in land based casinos.

Among the tasks solved by AI are communicating with customers, personalized offers, fight against gaming addiction, as well as ensuring cyber-security.

Sometimes a player may not even notice that he/she is not communicating with a person from the live support team. Many online casino players imply a lot of enquiries. Even a whole staff of operators is not always able to advise and solve the problems quickly and efficiently. User questions are often repeated, so most of the answers can be provided automatically. And only in case of urgent need, a live manager can join the chat. By the way, casino's provide personal manager to members of VIP programs and thus, in that case, you will not communicate with a machine.

Artificial Intelligence knows what you need

AI algorithms study each user's profile in detail. With the information obtained, they are able to personalise the casino page according to each customer's individual needs.

Recommending particular casino games and providing specific bonus and promotional offers that are relevant at the most appropriate moment is the result of the work of Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this, users do not have to spend a lot of extra time searching and choosing.

Artificial Intelligence and responsible gambling

AI helps conduct customer identification to keep away those who are not allowed, including minors and people with gambling addictions.

The AI can analyse a casino user's entire gaming history — how much time they spend playing games, what bets they place, how they react to negative or positive results and so on. If the algorithm detects suspicious behaviour, it can block a player's access to the casino or limit the user's playing time, bet amount or total amount spent.

Cybersecurity in online casinos

The operation of artificial intelligence enables the prevention of theft of users' personal data, an intrusion of third parties into the gameplay and financial transactions, and the creation of bots instead of real players. If the algorithm notices the slightest suspicious activity, it blocks it immediately.

John Gold

John Gold

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