Online Casino Games Guide

Online casino games have grown exponentially in popularity and accessibility. They’re easy to find and fun to play. With so many new online casinos in Australia, where do you begin? How do you find the best online casino game?

Yes, playing online casino games is exciting, but that’s not where it ends. There are always two sides to a story. Every coin has a head and a tail. Online casino games are no different—the thrill of gambling online needs to go hand-in-hand with awareness, knowledge, and responsible thinking.

The online casino games guide will give you all the tools you’ll need while exploring the riveting world of online gaming. Look no further. You can find all the information you need in the casino games guide.

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There are so many online casino games for Australian players as they’re right at your fingertips. You can start playing with just one click of the button.

Online casino activity has expanded because it’s within reach. If you have a phone or a PC, a good internet connection and some free time you’re ready to join.

It’s a Fun Pastime

Playing online casino games are fun. There are thousands of games to choose from and something for everyone’s taste. Slots are by far the most popular as it’s straightforward to play and you don’t need any skills other than pressing a button. If you enjoy card games, you can join a table of poker, blackjack or baccarat. There are game shows, lotteries, and live dealer games too. This guide will show you how to play online casino games.


Online casino games offer convenience, ease, and comfort for Australian players. It’s no longer necessary for you to drive to, park at, or walk into a conventional casino. The casino is now in your home, office or on the bus. All you need to do is login and win.  With online casinos, you no longer have to carry large amounts of cash or casino chips. Everything is online, fast and fun.  


Gambling and online betting aren’t illegal in Australia. The legal minimum age to gamble online or at a casino in Australia is 18. That means that if you’re younger than 18, you're not permitted to join or use online casinos, and you'll also not be allowed to play for free

Security and Payment Methods

The guarantee that an online casino is above board should be of the utmost importance when gambling online. The number one priority for any online casino should be security.

When you use an online casino, as a player, you should have peace of mind. Looking at the new casino rating is an excellent way of ensuring your safety. This casino game guide will also give you some helpful tips.

Licensing and Software

All online casinos in Australia require an operating license. There are many sites that explain their importance. These credentials are typically displayed at the bottom of their screen. The licensing stamp ensures that the online casino can operate legally and is effortless to find. The software used by the online casino is also a good indication of quality (like Microgaming, that created the first online casino ever). It ensures that the games have crystal clear graphics, excellent sound, and fantastic animation. 

Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is an industry-standard that ensures that online casinos have policies in place to protect you. It secures your personal information, enforces adherence to the age limit, and offers tips and guides if you need help.

Banking Options

It’s also vital to ensure that you can withdraw the money you win. As an online gambler, the first thing to look at is the various banking options. There are several payment options accepted by most online casinos. Many online casinos have credit cards, e-wallets, and wire transfer options.

Accessibility and Transparency

With so many new online casinos, you can quickly get confused and distracted. Online casinos are available in abundance. Because they’re so easy to find and use, you must do some research before using any of these sites.

By doing some homework, you'll be able to find out if an online casino is immediately within reach and customer-friendly. Be sure to have a look at the new casinos’ list on our site. We only support licensed online casinos that have been tried and tested.

Reviews and Endorsements

One of the most sound ways to know if a casino is safe and secure is by getting unbiased observers' opinions, like websites where players post their reviews and comments. There are many websites where players share their views and experiences, valuable information that’ll help you explore the world of online casino games. Be sure to read our full casino reviews to find all you need to know before signing up. 

Customer Care

Customer care is an essential aspect of new casinos because of all the technical issues that could occur. When you use an online casino, you run the risk of internet or website problems. You must check that there’s someone available when looking for an online casino. Knowing that there’s always help at hand will give you peace of mind.

Options and Offers

The best tool you have in playing online is information. The more knowledge you have, the greater the chances of having effortless fun.

New online casinos in Australia offer games from pokies to table games. You can choose from many games, including blackjack, poker, baccarat to roulette. The more you know about the online games on offer, the more enjoyment you’ll get from your experience.

Types of Games on Offer

Variety is the main drawcard that online casinos have. You’ll find typical casino games with online casinos like roulette, blackjack, and poker. But, that’s not the end of the story. Online casinos aren’t limited by size and capacity. Being online, they can offer a large variety of different games.

You can play baccarat, consisting of two or three cards with a value close to or precisely at 9. There’s also sic bo, a dice game similar to craps. Bingo, a popular card game where you need to match numbers, is also available. By using the latest technology, new online casinos can guarantee that these games offer you quality entertainment.


The electronic version of the old-school one arm bandit remains a firm favourite amongst Aussie players. You’ll find classic three-reel pokies or the more modern video slot version with five reels and numerous paylines.


One of the most popular casino games where you have to beat the dealer to a count of 21 from your pack of cards. There are numerous variants available online keeping the game fresh and exciting.

Video Poker

When you love poker but want a solo game then video poker will be your go-to choice. It’s based on the rules of five-card draw poker and is played against the computerized RNG technology, guaranteeing a random and fair game.


It’s one of the most played casino games worldwide. It’s pure luck and other than a few minor betting strategies you don’t need skill to start playing roulette. All you have to do is place a bet on the number you hope the ball will land in on the spinning wheel, or which colour it’ll land on.


It’s a fun instant-win game that resembles lottery scratch and win tickets. You buy a scratchie in your preferred denomination and then click on the shaded numbers you pick to reveal the value. The various denominations you buy it in is like your betting size, and comes in various amounts. It’s a fun game for high-rollers and entry-level punters alike.


It’s another variation of the popular lottery game loved by billions worldwide. You choose 10 numbers from a table of 80, and hope lady luck smiles down on you. 20 numbers are drawn (called) by the computer software, using Random Number Generator technology. The more matching numbers you have, the bigger your cash prize.

Sic Bo
Sic Bo

It’s a three-dice game, similar to craps, that originated in ancient China. It’s also known as Hi Lo or Tai Sai. The objective of the game is to predict how the dice will fall. Before the dealer (casino software) rolls the dice you stack your chips on the area that you predict will win. If you predicted correctly you win, otherwise you lose your bet.


It’s similar to Sic Bo, but played with only two dice. In street craps you can play against other players or the bank, while in online craps you play against the house only. The craps table is rectangular shaped and almost looks like a bathtub. You place your chips on your predicted outcome, place your bet, and wait for the dice to fall where it may. The new live craps games are interactive fun and once you know the rules, its easy to participate.


You can play baccarat, consisting of two or three cards with a value close to or precisely at 9. Also known as Punto Banco, the game is played between the dealer and punter. If you’re a newbie to casino games, baccarat is an excellent choice with one of three outcomes you can bet on: the player wins, the dealer wins, or it’s a tie.

By using the latest technology, new online casinos can guarantee that these games offer you quality entertainment.

Special Offers

Another drawcard that many online casinos use is their special offers. When looking for an online casino, be sure to check if they offer a welcome bonus. They also provide VIP programs and loyalty schemes, which help you earn more rewards. These offers and specials make online gambling more enticing and attractive.

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There are plenty of benefits when you play real money casinos. They offer you a chance to win real cash prizes. There’s the convenience of instant access. Being online allows you to play from the safety and security of your own home.

There are many options at your disposal. The best option is to contact customer care. Otherwise, you can contact the company that holds the gaming license for that particular site.

Yes, online casinos are legal in Australia. There are no laws that prohibit a player older than 18 from placing an online bet.