Bank Transfer Casinos

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Bank transfers are a form of payment mainly used for online purchases and gambling. The money is wired from one user to another bank account to complete transactions. We'll discuss more about recommended casinos in this article, including the fees, bonuses, pros and cons, and other relevant information about this.

- Available for both deposit and withdrawal
- Time of transfer depends on bank regulations
- Transaction fees of AU$10-20 are charged
- Processing time is 3 to 5 business days

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Bank Transfer Overview

  • Western Union introduced the inaugural extensively utilized wire transfer solution on its already-existing telegraph system in 1872. When a sender deposits cash at any of the telegraph headquarters, the operator sends an alert and "wires" the cash to a different office, applying passcodes and codebooks to permit the disbursement of the cash to a receiver at a distant area.
  • There are 3 types of bank transfers which are bank debit transfers, bank credit transfers, and bank redirects.
  • Bank transfers can be classified into two, domestic wire transfers and international wire transfers.
  • For international direct bank transfers, Australian banks use the SWIFT network to transfer funds successfully and securely.
  • Recently, SWIFT and the Australian banking industry inaugurated the New Payments Platform or NPP which is said to improve domestic bank transfers in the country. This new financial architecture will provide real-time transaction processing 24/7 and PayID to improve how Australian users transact.
  • Almost all banks provide virtual assistants if you have any concerns regarding your transactions.

Types of Bank Transfers Explained

Today, there are a large number of options for transferring funds, meeting them in a casino there is a difficulty in understanding their differences. That is why we decided to explain this information to you:

  • Bank Transfer is a direct way of transferring funds between bank accounts. To eliminate any difficulties in the process of exchanging payments, a clearing house is available, an intermediary body, between the seller and the buyer, the purpose of which is to reduce the risk that one of the parties will not fulfill the agreement.
  • Instant Bank Transfer are transfers that are completed within minutes, are based on ISO 20022, a technology that speeds up the movement of funds between accounts.
  • Wire Bank Transfer electronically send money through a network managed by banks and transfer services, requiring details like the recipient's name and account number. They're settled electronically, not with physical cash, and can involve banks or services like Western Union. SWIFT plays a crucial role in international transfers, ensuring secure and efficient bank communication.

After conducting experiments with different bank transfer gamble platforms, the following list includes the most suggested online casinos accepting bank transfers to play with after considering gameplay experience, bonuses, security, and wagering limits.

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Guide How Make a Deposit via Bank Transfer

This guide will help make the process of making a online casino bank transfer deposit simple and fast. Please note, as the specific process may vary depending on the casino and bank you are using.

  1. First, you must have an online casino account. If you don't have one, register by filling out your personal information such as your name, email address and contact phone number. You will also need to choose a username and password.
  2. Once you are logged into your account, go to the "Cashier" or "Payments" section of the site. You will see a list of different payment options. Select the bank transfer option.
  3. Once you've selected bank transfer as your deposit method, you'll need to provide your bank details. These are usually your bank name, account number, routing number (if applicable), and account name. Make sure you enter this information accurately to avoid problems with the transfer.
  4. Next, decide how much you want to deposit into your casino account. Enter this amount in the appropriate field. Make sure you are aware of any minimum or maximum deposit limits set by the casino.
  5. Before you complete the transaction, review all the details to make sure everything is correct. If you are sure, confirm the transfer. The casino may provide you with a reference number or specific instructions to provide when making a wire transfer.
  6. Log into your online bank or visit your local bank branch to initiate the bank transfer. You will need to provide the bank with the casino's bank details, the amount you want to transfer, and any reference number or instructions provided to you by the casino.
  7. Once you have initiated the transfer, it may take several hours to several days for the funds to appear in your casino account, depending on your bank and the casino's processing time. Keep a record of the transfer from your bank in case there are any problems.
  8. Once the deposit is credited to your casino account, you can start playing your favorite games.

Always make sure that you are gambling online legally in accordance with local and national laws. You should also make sure that the online casino has a secure and encrypted connection to protect your financial information.

Guide How Withdrawals via Bank Transfer

To withdraw money from an online casino via bank transfer, please follow the step-by-step instructions below:

  1. Log in with your username and password. Make sure you have enough funds in your casino account for withdrawal.
  2. Once you are logged in, find the "Cashier" or "Banking" section of the online casino. This section is usually accessible from the main menu or from the dashboard. Then select the bank transfer option or any similar method that involves transferring funds directly to your bank account.
  3. Enter the amount of money you want to withdraw. Make sure it matches the minimum or maximum withdrawal limits set by the casino.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to enter your bank account information. This is usually your bank account number, bank name and bank routing number. Make sure that the information you enter is accurate to avoid any delays or problems.
  5. Double check the withdrawal information you entered, including the withdrawal amount and bank account information. Make sure everything is correct before you proceed with the withdrawal.
  6. Once you confirm the withdrawal, the online casino will begin the withdrawal process. Processing time can vary depending on the casino and the bank transfer method you choose. It may take several business days for the transaction to be processed and reflected in your bank account.
  7. Monitor the status of your bank account to ensure that withdrawals have been successfully credited. Check your transaction history or contact your bank if you have any doubts or questions.

It's important to remember that the withdrawal process may have specific terms and conditions or requirements set by the online casino. Make sure to review the casino's policies and any associated fees or processing times before initiating the withdrawal. Additionally, if you encounter any difficulties during the process, reach out to the online casino's customer support for assistance.

Limits and Fees

If you are going to make a casino deposit via bank transfers, the transaction process can be quick or time-consuming, depending on the casino and the bank. For short deposit time, you should opt to use instant banking for a real-time process. However, some banks usually take at least 2 hours or even 3 days to process deposit requests.

When it comes to withdrawals, the request process would be fast and easy. However, the time before your winnings will reflect in your bank account might take a longer time. The fastest would be 1 day, but may also take 5 business days before the transfer gets completed.

Australian players can deposit for a minimum of $10 and $5,000-$10,000 for withdrawal. However, one should check first the withdrawal limits of the bank transfer casino site as they may vary.

Limit Time Fees
Minimal Deposit $10 Instant - 3 days up to $30
Maximal Withdrawal $5,000 - $10,000 1-5 days up to $30

Bank Transfer Casino Bonus

Wire transfer casinos offer different bonuses to make Australian players more engaged with playing. These bonuses are:

Welcome Bonus

up to €6,000 + 100 FS

Bonus code: ONERED
Welcome Bonus

up to $750 + 100 FS

no code required
Welcome Bonus

up to $15,000 + 250 FS

no code required
Welcome Bonus

up to €390 + 50 FS

Bonus code: POKIEBOOST
Welcome Bonus

up to $750 + 100 FS

Bonus code: WELCOME1
Welcome Bonus

up to $100

no code required


All banks create preventive measures and multiple layers of security to ensure that the users' funds will not be compromised. It includes safeguarding measures such as:

  • All transactions can be traced if by any chance your deposit failed to reflect in your casino account through encryption.
  • Identity verification such as the Know Your Customer (KYC) model as a basic requirement with every initiated transaction is used to check the player's identity.
  • Multi-factor authentication and biometric registers can also be utilized for additional security.
  • For safer transaction data and information keeping, banks use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt payment details.

However, despite these measures, Australian players should still be extra careful with their bank activities to avoid cyber theft.

Pros & Cons

  • Accessible to most casinos in Australia
  • High security is implemented for deposits and withdrawals
  • It allows a larger amount of transfers, both for deposit and withdrawal options
  • Reduced fraud risk
  • Bank wires are generally accepted by casino websites
  • It has prolonged transaction process times (up until 5 business days)
  • Higher bank transfer fees than other online casino payment methods
  • Some banks might not allow the transfer of funds if it is for gambling purposes
  • A bank account is required for Australian players

Mobile Capability

Bank transfers as a payment method are also available on mobile devices. However, the gameplay should not be taken for granted. It should have seamless navigation and functionalities, especially the fit-to-screen feature for a smooth-running game interface.

Although it is not yet clearly distinguished for bank transfer casinos, almost all mobile casino apps require at least a 7.0 for Android version and a 14.0 for iOS. It is safe to assume this is the same with bank transfer casinos.

Extra Facts

For more information about casinos that accept bank transfer, we've listed additional facts that you may find useful:

  • Bank transfer is also known as credit transfer, electronic fund transfer (EFT), or wire transfer
  • Next-day transfers are provided by several financial institutions, typically for an additional fee. Remember that within this context, "next-day delivery" usually refers to "next business day"
  • When transferring your funds, the bank will give you two choices whether you want to send it immediately or schedule it for later

Through trial and error, we have found that bank wire transfers are still among the most trustworthy means of transferring and getting funds, as our tests have shown. This is evident when it comes to gambling, although several players may view it as an outdated payment option. The continuous usage of this method is because of its high security for payment transactions, even if it provides slow transaction processes.

Bank Transfer Casinos FAQ

Yes, most banks allow deposit and withdrawal transactions for gambling activities. However, ensure that your bank supports it since some banks automatically block transactions made for online casinos.
Yes, casino online deposits are allowed by most banks. The minimum deposit you can make is AU$ 10.
In most instances, banks impose charges depending on the type of transaction you will initiate. It can be a standard fee or a percentage of the amount you'll transact.